About Slightly Awkward Mums

In a extrovert-centric world of selfies, ego and 'all-about-me'-ness, a lot of us mums actually quietly get on with the job of raising our children.  We're not loud, we're not super-mums, we may be slightly awkward and seriously struggle with the lack of downtime, but we put our all into raising our children with morals and values for a better world. 

Does this sound familiar?

Two recent developments resonate with the slightly awkward mum: The 'Quiet Revolution' championed by Susan Cain and the 'Unselfie Revolution' championed by Michele Borba.  Both are cutting through the assumptions of our extrovert-idolising egotistical society. So, I wont be sharing lots of photoshopped selfies but I am sharing...

...Life, Living & Managing experiences with...

...struggling introvert mums, Quiet & Unselfie Revolutionaries: Life

In a Western culture geared towards extroverts, people with high-introversion/low-extroversion personalities are frequently outside their comfort zone. If you're also a mum, you are outside your comfort zone a lot! Suddenly being 'on' 24/7 caring for a newborn baby is exhausting for any mum. For a personality that needs a considerable amount of personal space and solitude to re-charge, it could well be the toughest time of your life.  I am an introvert mum and wish I had understood my personality better before starting a family.

I love craft & DIY, I don't particularly love cooking but the kids love all three so, if I can, I include them in making & baking projects. I'm sharing home craft & DIY projects that the kids can help with, and some they can do by themselves with just a little helping hand. And likewise, nice and healthy easy recipes that the kids can help with and some that 7 year olds and upwards could largely do by themselves (except for operating the oven)!

...everyone who loves craft & DIY and/or doesn't love cooking but wants to give the kids healthy home-cooked food: Living

...busy mums who need easy organisation short-cuts: Managing

I love being organised. Personally, I am not very organised and secretly wish I was, but, when it comes to home, family, school & homework schedules, my alter ego is a Master Organiser! I receive more and more request from other mums at school, plus mums they have referred to me, for copies of schedules and advice on child care and housekeeping. I love reading other mums' organising tips and love sharing my own.